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Dietary Don’ts part 1: Sugar

This should be a no brainer to everyone. However, even if most of us know that sugar is bad for you, many of us really don’t understand just how bad it can really be. A few big problems here. First of all they sneak sugar into everything! Read your labels carefully. If you carefully calculated how much sugar you actually ingest you’d be shocked.

Secondly, sugar is highly addictive. It is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Rat studies have showed that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine! We justify sugar by saying we have a “sweet tooth” or look at a cute gummy bear that lights up our senses and associate it with happiness. The reality is, most of us are highly addicted to it and the health implications are so enormous that it is one of the single biggest substances that cause massive inflammation and destroys our health. I could write a never-ending list of the negative impacts of sugar, but I’ll let you look that up on your own as there is no shortage of info on it.

I want to highlight a couple of big things that most are unaware of. One big effect is what it does to you mentally. It actually deprives your brain of nutrients and “the wall” that you can experience is the brain crash after a sugar high. Parents, sugar is destroying your children’s brains, and can also be a large contributing factor to many children’s behavioral issues, and learning disability issues.

Also know that it will destroy your taste buds to the point that things that aren’t sweet are challenging for you to eat, contributing to the highly addictive properties of sugar. If you actually can detox off of sugar, you’ll be amazed at how different things taste, and the sweet things you used to enjoy are no longer tolerable anymore.

Treat sugar as an alcoholic would treat alcohol and work on your sugar “sobriety”. DM me if you require help on how to do this.

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Is life happening to you or for you? Which of these two you believe will drastically determine the outcome of your life.

Quick question. Thinking back on your life, have you learned more when things were bad or good?

We always learn our biggest lessons during the hard times. If you view these hard times as a “whoa is me” moment, you will get knocked down and stay down. If you look at hardships as an opportunity to learn and grow, you then turn what happened to you as for you.

Life is not easy, it’s not supposed to be. If you got knocked down, you need to get back up. If you can’t, seek help so that you can. It’s worth the fight. Don’t suffer unnecessarily and let life pass you by remaining in a suffering state.

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Food Intro part 3: Inflammation

What do all of the modern diseases including autoimmune disease, heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, dementia, and much more have in common? You guessed it, inflammation!

Before I get into the specifics of diet, the one process that we need to all understand is the process of inflammation as our diet is one of the main things that can impact this. Most of us live in a chronically inflamed state which wreaks havoc on our health. It is the main common denominator that most biohacking / health optimization techniques work on addressing and keeping as low as possible.

Many factors other than diet also contribute to chronic inflammation including toxicity, hormonal imbalance, chronic stress and much more which I will eventually address in future posts. When addressing diet, as I mentioned in previous posts, I don’t have a “perfect diet” that I think works for everyone, however most modern nutritionist will likely all agree on my dietary don’ts which I will post next and why these dietary don’ts are so bad for us. Their main common denominator? INFLAMMATION!

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Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to Finally got to have our first clinic outing!


Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to Cosmetic acupuncture: Our mascot Piney is over 90 years old and doesn’t have a single wrinkle on his face. What makes him look so young? He regularly gets cosmetic acupuncture!

Better and more natural than botox or any other cosmetic procedure. Non-invasive, no side effects and a natural looking boost not only to the appearance of your skin, but also works to internally optimize your overall health.

Works by increasing blood flow, stimulating muscles, improves skin elasticity as well and evens out wrinkles and lines.

Done by our TCM practitioner Jumy Kim. DM us for more info or to book with Jumy.

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Food intro part 2: The power of food! Food is one of the most essential things in life, and not only does it nourish our bodies but can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. While I’m not super militant about food, nor am I a purist, I recognize how important it is to eat well as much as you possibly can.

Food can be many things to many people, and can have some extremes in what it does to our bodies. On one end of the spectrum, food can have significant healing properties and can be considered one of the most power medicines on the planet. On the other end, many of us are literally dying from our poor food choices and it can be considered as one of the worst poisons to our bodies. Food can bring great joy, and can be a great way to bond and celebrate with people. Food can also have a dark side being linked to severe depression and addictions, that can negatively alter ones physical and emotional state.

Do not think that it’s OK to just eat whatever, whenever. What you eat is one of the most important decisions of your life, and can drastically affect your future for better or worse. Do not take your food choices lightly. Stay tuned, more food posts to come…

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My 3 and a half year old daughter gave me the best compliment I could ever receive as a dad. No she didn’t say I was handsome, strong, smart, successful, or anything like that 🤷‍♂️. She said I was happy! I am a happy dad.

This touched my heart because if there is one main thing I want to teach her, it’s how to be happy, and you can’t teach what you can’t do.

Happiness is not based on your circumstances. There are people who have everything that life could offer them and they are miserable. There are also people who have nothing, and have been through hell and are happy. I have personally met many examples of both of these extremes treating some of the wealthiest people in our country in the financial district, as well as at-risk youth through my volunteer work at evergreen as well as mission work I’ve done in third world countries.

Happiness is learned, it is trained, it is a mindset. I have had many circumstances that have dropped me to my knees, especially this year. However, through my training and all that I have learned and applied as a coach, I continue to train, and choose to be happy, and was thrilled that my daughter was able to see and feel that.

How happy are you really? How easily is your happiness swayed by your circumstances? When you see someone who looks fit, you automatically assume that they work-out. However, when you see someone who is always happy, you likely don’t assume that they train to be happy. Whether they are aware of it or not, they follow many disciplines and train their minds to be this way.

You can too, and it can happen quicker and easier than you think.

If you are fed up with living an unhappy life and want to enter happiness boot camp with me, DM me to see how I can help.

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Pandemic make over. First hair cut in 8 months! Feel 10 lbs lighter 😛 ...

Food Intro part 1: What the hell should you eat?

I have studied diet all of my life and have seen and tried many trends. The problem with food is you can take the top 5 nutrition experts on the planet and they may all disagree with each other. I have personally worked with many different nutrition experts as well, and have seen many trends over time with many practitioners. I used to be intimidated by the knowledge of some of these nutrition experts with all of the degrees they have. However, I found over time that they may not, and did not have all of the answers. Sometimes a guy with youtube channel may be more knowledgeable with the more modern dietary trends.

Reality is, there’s a lot that we still don’t fully know, and there are A LOT of commercial interests out there which can drastically skew what is considered healthy. First of all I will state that there is no one particular diet out there that I think is perfect for everyone. I believe there are some general truths which most of the top modern nutrition experts will largely agree on (believe it or not), however, we are all individuals and all handle and react to food differently.

I will be starting a multi-post series discussing all things nutrition, and will be sharing all that I have learned and tried throughout my decades of studies and observations, and what I have found has worked for me. Stay tuned…

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This quote coming from an up and coming singer @_nightbirde whose husband left her and has had cancer 3 times by the age of 30. You would never know her struggles by her attitude and demeanor.

When you decide that your happiness is based on your choices and mindset verses your circumstances, your whole life can change in an instant no matter what horrible things you may be dealing with. I know it’s easier said than done, but you can train your mind to do this once you understand why your mind does what it does.

DM me if you want to chat on how this can become true for you.

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Super excited to christen our new Vitamin IV lounge!

I was the first person to bring this to the financial district around 8 years ago, and am super thrilled to bring to back once again thanks to the help of @drmoirakwoknd.

If you want to become super human you must have a strong supplementation game, and there is no better way to do that than through an IV. While I take a handful of supplements everyday (which I’ll speak more about in upcoming posts), the issue is you don’t fully absorb them all as their bioavailability can be limited. However, through a vitamin IV you directly absorb 100% of what you put in, allowing you to achieve optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and many other nutrients.

I usually do 1-2 IVs per month as a part of my super human program.

For more info or to book an IV, visit our website or contact @drmoirakwoknd

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The biggest limiting factor to what we can accomplish in life is what you believe you are capable of. Most people do not reach their full potential because their negative belief patterns prevent them from doing so.

Change your beliefs in order to change your life.

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Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to Very excited to announce our new massage therapist Shuran Jandu @shuranjandu that has joined our team. Shuran has treated people from all realms of life, and believes every human deserves the best care to reach a higher level of health, wellness and happiness. Her specialties include athletic and daily injuries, pre and post natal massage, and spinal cord/nerve injuries, she finds the most joy in creating a better quality of life for all her clients. Shuran has many years of experience providing sports massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, spinal cord injury recovery massage and lymphatic drainage.

More more info on Shuran visit our website at https://pineapplehealth.com/shuran-jandu-registered-massage-therapist/

Shuran is now booking for as soon as this Friday. Book online or DM us for an appointment

Great to be out on the course again! ...

Don’t wish for things to get better, especially with things you have no control over. Wish for you to be tougher than anything that comes your way.

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Caught (by far) the biggest fish of my life this weekend! Thanks so much @happy_go_fishing. Wrestled with this guy for about 10 mins before we brought him in. ...

The best morning commute for me and Piney! Perfect day, and a busy week ahead turning everyone into a superhuman, especially for Piney. ...

Part 6: Bottled water

OK, my last post on water I promise! All bottled water are not equal. Some are simply filtered tap water, while others come from natural springs in exotic parts of the world. The cost of these different brands can also vary drastically with some costing as little as $1, to some that can cost more that $10! However, I’m not here to discuss which bottle water is best for you to buy as I would ask you all to do your best to not by any of these.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy bottled water and I’m sure you’ve heard them all. Reasons ranging from the enormous cost, to the potential chemicals and toxicity in some of these, the toxic plastic contamination, as well as the enormous environmental toll that this can have on our planet.

I do my very best to ensure that I have enough clean drinking water in my reusable bottles with every activity I plan. If I’m on the golf course all day, I’ll have several liters of my own water that I’ll lug around. While I’m not perfect, and admittedly will buy bottled water when I didn’t adequately prepare, It’s rare that I do and only do so if I have no other option. Plan ahead for the sake of your health, and our environment.

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