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Part 6: Bottled water

OK, my last post on water I promise! All bottled water are not equal. Some are simply filtered tap water, while others come from natural springs in exotic parts of the world. The cost of these different brands can also vary drastically with some costing as little as $1, to some that can cost more that $10! However, I’m not here to discuss which bottle water is best for you to buy as I would ask you all to do your best to not by any of these.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy bottled water and I’m sure you’ve heard them all. Reasons ranging from the enormous cost, to the potential chemicals and toxicity in some of these, the toxic plastic contamination, as well as the enormous environmental toll that this can have on our planet.

I do my very best to ensure that I have enough clean drinking water in my reusable bottles with every activity I plan. If I’m on the golf course all day, I’ll have several liters of my own water that I’ll lug around. While I’m not perfect, and admittedly will buy bottled water when I didn’t adequately prepare, It’s rare that I do and only do so if I have no other option. Plan ahead for the sake of your health, and our environment.

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Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to Group Virtual Weight Loss/Health Optimization Program

We are very pleased to announce that we have now added a group program. A more cost effective way vs the individual program, which has the added benefit of ongoing group support. Gather a group of your friends and/or co-workers and decide together that you have had it with being overweight and/or unhealthy! Change your life now and forever, and become the super human you were always meant to be.

Program includes:
🔹12 virtual weekly group coaching sessions with @drdavidlee.ca
🔹Ongoing group chat text support with coach @drdavidlee.ca
🔹3 individual Naturopathic sessions with @drmoirakwoknd
🔹Dutch hormone panel test
🔹Blood work panel
🔹Optional group training sessions with @adrianarentonrkin

Significant discounts for group organizer. Package based on 5 people. Custom group and corporate group rates also available.

For more detail visit our site at pineapplehealth.com/virtual-weight-loss

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Thank you so much to my patient/coaching client, yoga guru @rachellewintzen founder of @chi_junky for paying me a visit and leaving me an amazing testimony 🙏🙏🙏

“David Lee is extremely knowledgeable in his field both in the physical and mental/emotional world. He has helped me in many ways and every session I have more takeaways to bring forth to help improve and support me as I navigate running a small business and life's everyday challenges.

He has helped me to see things more clearly and offers so much support. I can honestly say working with him is a pleasure, he is always positive, listens and supports in many ways. His approach is holistic and addresses the mind, body and spirit. I recommend his approach and working with him very much.”

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Water part 5: Hydrogenate your water

First of all, this next post is only for those of you wanting to dive into the super human category as I realize this is not for everyone. Hydrogenating your water maybe a more controversial one as you may find many conflicting opinions on this, some supporting it, and others saying there is insufficient evidence. On one side it can be touted as a miracle product with many benefits including reducing pain and inflammation, improving energy, cognitive function, exercise performance and recovery, accelerating healing, boosting immunity, and a great overall anti-aging supplement. On the other hand, you may have many people saying that this is another snake oil product that will do absolutely nothing for you.

I have heard experiences from people who take this and their response has also reflected both the pros and cons of this product as some swear by it, and some say it did nothing noticeable. I take it almost daily, and do notice an energizing effect when I do, however, hard for me to say if it directly has an impact on other aspects with me since there are many things I take and do, and generally feel great most of the time. However, since there is enough compelling evidence and testimony on its benefits, and the risks are virtually none, I continue to take it. As time goes on, you will likely hear more about this, and I suspect more positive outcomes and studies will surface.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule on the planet and can infuse and support every cell in your body. There are many hydrogen tablets on the market. I am an affiliate and retailer with @waterandwellnessonline and carry their Active H2 Ultra product shown in this pic. To use, simply drop 1 or 2 tablets in your water, wait until it fully dissolves and drink quickly after it has.

If you are interested in trying DM me to purchase, or you can use the code pineapple10 to get 10% off of ActiveH2 Ultra at waterandwellness.com

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Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to Introducing our new mascot Piney the Pineapple! Piney will be your social media guide and will help you navigate all activity with Pineapple Health, including many health optimizations, tips and treatments. Please send a wave in the comment box to welcome Piney! 👋 ...

Thanks so much to my patient who posted this amazing review for me 🙏🙏🙏

“I am a 35 year old male who has been suffering with repetitive work-related back injuries since 2017. My lower back injuries involved torn muscle tissues and small disc tears, leading to “minor scoliosis”. While treatments with past chiropractors have partially alleviated pain, mobility, and functionality, I can attest that the holistic muscular-skeletal approach of Dr. Lee has affected the most beneficial results in the least amount of time.

In my experience most chiropractors only believe in adjustments, and most physiotherapists believe strength training will solve everything. As someone who used to swing a 20 lb sledge hammer around all day at work, and go to the gym afterwards, I really wish it was that simple, but it hasn’t been for me.

Finding Dr. Lee has given me new hope. It is a relief to have finally found a physician who has identified and targeted the prime muscle groups which have afflicted my recovery for so long. These were areas that I previously complained about to other physicians, but which were always overlooked.

Although I still have a road of recovery ahead of me, it's nice to know that Dr.Lee has given me the much needed traction to get there, and I am glad to be continuing to see Dr. Lee for the foreseeable future.

If any of my experiences resonate with you in any way, I would definitely encourage you to see Dr. Lee. Besides from his professionalism and expertise, his humility and genuine humanity really shines through.”

#lowerbackpain #chiropracitc #testimony

thanks to my big sister @jeeyuntv for paying me a visit and sharing a post!

Posted @withregram • @jeeyuntv Earlier this week I did something to my lower back. The muscles ceased and I could barely move. This is the first time this has happened to me. Feeling old and weak, I went to see my brother @drdavidlee.ca. I was expecting him to say do a 100 sit-ups and stretch everyday. To my surprise he said I have an inhibited core due to a breathing dysfunction. A breathing dysfunction! Basically I’m not breathing properly and the muscles in my core are ceasing up. Wow. Mind blown. He taught me all these breathing techniques and now I have to practice several times a day. Here’s to a new journey of healing and breathing.....properly.
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Got this text from one of my coaching clients yesterday. Made my day and reminded me why I got into coaching in the first place.

For those that don’t know, I starting incorporating coaching into my practice in the new year. Since then I have taken on about 20 people so far and loving every minute of it.

I have helped people with many things including:

🔹Shattering decades of negative emotional patterns like anxiety, depression, and anger
🔹Heal from traumatic pasts
🔹Navigate uncertainty (especially this pandemic)
🔹Gain clarity in their goals in life
🔹Overcome fears
🔹Restore broken relationships
🔹Optimize their health
🔹Lose excess body fat
🔹Accelerate in their careers and businesses
🔹And much more…

If you are stuck, or know you are not living life to it’s fullest potential, spending time with a great coach will be the best investment you will ever make. Change your mindset, change your life.

I am offering a free 1 hour coaching session for anyone who is interested in exploring this further, and can do this virtually for those that prefer not to come in. DM me if you’re interested.

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Water part 3: Mineralizing your water

Contrary to common belief, really pure water is actually not ideal for you. While it’s great that we have finally properly removed all impurities in our water, it leaves us lacking essential minerals that naturally occur in our water.

Some of the healthy minerals naturally found in our water are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, and phosphorus. These minerals are important to our body and are required for many of our cellular functions. When we properly reverse osmosis filter our water, we remove not only the bad, but also the good things in our water, which are the healthy minerals. The problem about drinking pure water without these natural minerals is your clean water could start to leach your body of its minerals potentially leaving you deficient.

There are several ways that you can mineralize your water. The ideal is if you can have a mineralizer built into your reverse osmosis filter. If you can’t, there are many different water mineralizers on the market out there that you can add to your water. However, the simplest and still very effective way to do this is by simply adding a pinch of high quality salt such as Himalayan, or Celtic salt (NOT table salt) to your water.

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Water part 2: How to filter your water

There are many water filters on the market. The most popular would be the brita type of filters, or ones that would be built into your fridge. Are these effective in removing all of the impurities, metals, and chemicals that are found in water? The short answer is no. Some of these may make the taste of the water a bit better, but fall short of purifying your water.

The only filtration systems that I recommend is any reliable reverse osmosis (RO) one. While I don’t doubt that there may be other systems that could also do the trick, the only systems I’m confident of are RO ones.

RO systems push your water through many different filters (typically at least 3-4 of them) to ensure that all impurities are properly removed. I will discuss my experience with ones that I have used and the pros and cons in an upcoming post.

RO filters will ensure that your water is purified, however contrary to popular belief, purified water is also not ideal. Stay tuned for my next post on what to do after you have properly filtered your water.

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Water part 1: How clean is your water really?

I am going post a 6 multi-part series discussing water (yes there’s that much we can talk about with water!), the most important element for every living being. Our tap water goes through a thorough filtering and treatment process before it arrives to our homes. The message we have been told is that our tap water is safe to drink, but how safe is it really?

Many heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and prescription medications have been known to be found in tap water. The most common heavy metals found are: lead, arsenic, chromium, copper and manganese. Some of these metals in reasonable amounts such as copper and manganese are essential for good health, however others like lead and arsenic are not good for us at all in any amount, regardless what the safety recommendations are. It’s like saying there’s a healthy level of rat poison in your water.

Our water is also treated with chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, and phosphoric acid and we are told that these chemicals are all healthy and beneficial for our water and for us to ingest. There are relatively small amounts of these chemical in our water, which does not cause an immediate alarm to our health, but are these chemicals ideal? Some of these chemicals are known to be neurotoxins, and long-term exposure and ingestion of these may wreak havoc on your health. Just slowly so you won’t link it to your water, like death by a thousand cuts.

Not to worry though, there are many solutions and things we can do to ensure safe, optimal drinking water. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

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Taking advantage of this beautiful cold rainy day. Combining wind sprints with cryotherapy with nasal breathing! Will speak much more about nasal breathing in upcoming posts.

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Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to New sign is in! 🤗🤗🤗 ...

Posted @withregram • @pineapplehealth_to We’ve changed our name! Due to trademark conflicts as well as the commonality of our old name Mint, we have decided to change while we are still early in our business. But the most important reason is because our new name is just that much more fun!

Welcome to pineapple health. Our mission is still the same though, ending all human suffering and turning everyone into a super human!

Lockdown for 5 days, and not because of COVID! 5 days, 70 hours, full immersion @tonyrobbins virtual business mastery course. Learning from an incredible panel of some of the top business people in the world!

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Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic What’s the biggest predicting factor that you will fail a weight loss program? It’s when you come in with the goal of losing weight!

Contrary to what you believe, if your goal is to lose weight you will likely do things that you perceive to be difficult and painful, but you will endure to meet your goal of however many pounds you have set. However, once (and if) you have met this goal, you will be exhausted from the “uphill climb” that was not sustainable. Once you have crossed this imaginary finish line, you will check off an item on your accomplished goal list, but likely revert back to your old patterns which will not only have you put the weight back on, but likely have you add even more weight that you have before.

This is the classic trap that we see time and time again. How do we succeed for good? Change your focus, change your mindset. If your goal is to be the healthiest version of yourself possible, and we educate and make sustainable shifts in your behavior and mindset, weight will shed off of you whether you want it to or not. Once you understand the healthy mindset, and how much better it makes you look and feel, with no specific target in mind, it will become a part of who you are and what you do. Your life will change in an instant! Once you enjoy being superhuman, you will never go back.

For more information on our virtual weight loss / health optimization program, visit our website page at https://www.minthealthclinic.ca/virtual-weight-loss and join the first group of people currently enrolled who are already seeing drastic changes in the physical and emotional well being.

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Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Super excited to be reunited with Regan “magic hands” Walker! I started working with Regan 16 years ago, and so thrilled to have this powerhouse back on my team. Regan is an Osteopath and Registered Massage therapist and can fix anything! She is now booking for Saturdays for those that want to come outside of the work week. ...

Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Thrilled to introduce you to another old colleague of mine @adrianarentonrkin 💪

Registered kinesiologist, personal trainer, and fascial stretch therapist. If you have never tried fascial stretch therapy (FST), you must. You’ll feel 10 feet tall after.

Adriana has literally trained my whole family as I’m very picky on who I let train them. She is simply the best!

Now offering virtual training and FST to come shortly.

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