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Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Another reunion with Jumy Kim! Jumy is a third generation Tradition Chinese medical practitioner / acupuncturist and a natural born healer! If you haven’t seen her before, you must. Not only for your body, but your soul! Online booking with Jumy now available. ...

Another reunion with @foucher_physio @minthealthclinic a rock star physio with magic hands and a heart of gold. So happy to have her join our team! ...

Reunited with @drmoirakwoknd @minthealthclinic So happy to be working with this amazing person again!!! She is simply he best naturopath and person you will ever meet! ...

First look @minthealthclinic Still lots of work to do, but ready for business. Online booking now available for Chiropractic, Coaching, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, and Acupuncture/TCM. ...

Fitness Pillar 3: Core Strengthening. We all know that a strong core is essential, yet most of us don’t have it. First of all, I want to define what your core is. Most assume it’s just your abs. However, your core is all of the muscles surrounding your spine and your pelvis, so it’s much more then just your abs.

There are many great exercises you can do to strengthen your core including crunches, planks, bear crawls, dead bugs, etc.. However, the main thing I want to discuss is a bigger issue that most are unaware of, and that’s an inhibited core.

Many are told their core is weak, and to keep trying harder, however if your core is inhibited, you will unfortunately get nowhere. There are a few what we call “Chief Compensators” in your body, that can neurologically shut off your core. If this occurs, it’s like telling you to crank up the fan in your fridge, yet it’s not even plugged into the wall. This is what can occur with an inhibited core.

The top “Chief Compensators” in order are:

🔹Scars (of any kind)
🔹Diaphragm and breathing dysfunctions (which about 90-95% of us don’t do properly)
🔹Jaw (dysfunctions in your TMJ)
🔹Pelvic floor (especially women who have given birth)

If one of these compensators are occurring in you, then you are like a house with an unstable foundation.

If you have questions about any of these, or want me to test you and see if any may be occurring with you, feel free to DM me.

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I’m super excited to announce that after 2 years of leaving my previous clinic and being on my own as a sole practitioner, I’m finally starting a new clinic again. Let me introduce you to @minthealthclinic . Located at 330 Bay Street (northwest corner of Bay and Adelaide) just half a block away from my current location.

Two simple goals: End all human suffering, and turn everyone into a super human! I will slowly introduce you to our all star team including but not limited to Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Coaching, Vitamin IV therapy, Metal Detox, and much, more to come.

Now hiring various health and mental health professionals, preferably experienced and established practitioners. If you or anyone you know is interested DM me.

We will be opening very shortly in the new year on January 4th. More details to come. In the meantime please follow us @minthealthclinic

I’m very excited to announce that I am officially adding coaching to my practice as of today. I am offering coaching for all aspects of life including health, performance, stress, relationships, leadership, inner healing and much more. Why am I doing this? In my quest to end all human suffering and turn everyone into a super human, I realize how much more it takes to get people to their optimal life and my limitations of helping people get there in my chiropractic scope. Therefore I have decided to branch off to widen my scope in what I am able to do.

I have made it my mission in life to be the best version of myself possible in all aspects of my life including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. While I am no where close to fully achieving this, I am continually pushing myself and relentless in continual improvement. Along the way I have discovered so many things about myself and about human behavior in general.

With my over 30 years in the health and fitness industry, working individually with thousands of people in all walks of life, there are clear patterns of those who suffer, and those who thrive. My goal is guide people from one end of this spectrum to the other and get everyone living their best possible life, and do it quickly! No messing around in my office! Massive action required from both of us.

For more information, visit the Coaching tab on my website.

If you or anyone else you know are interested in coaching with me, I am currently taking on a few clients so feel free to DM me or booking is also available on my website. Virtual appointments for coaching are also available for those of you that are not able to see me downtown.

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Fitness Pillar 2: Cardiovascular training. Unlike resistance training which I do slowly, I do my cardio quickly. I will do wind sprints, or HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training) vs for eg. a long jog.

I’m going to make a statement that will upset many of you endurance athletes. While I respect what you can physically do with endurance, constantly engaging in long distance training can actually do much more harm than good. As we do more research in health and longevity, the science is pointing more and more to the harmful effects of long distance endurance training, especially at the elite levels. Some of the negative effects can include:

🔹Increase in Inflammation and oxidative stress
🔹Increase in fat storage and decrease in muscle mass
🔹Acceleration of the aging process
🔹Negative effect on your hormone levels
🔹Build up of scarring on your heart tissue

If you do a HIIT cardio session, you can still adequately challenge your cardiovascular system without most of the negative side effects above.

It won’t kill you to do the odd marathon here and there, however if the bulk of your activity are these chronic endurance sports, you may be doing more harm than good. Get your HIIT going. Not only can it be more fun and challenging, but also takes way less time!

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Fitness Pillar 1: Resistance training part 2. A few tips on what I do when I train:

1️⃣Proper muscle engagement: If you are, for example doing a chest press, the muscle you should be focusing on and engaging the most is your chest right? You’d be surprised how few people actually do this. By not properly engaging your targeted muscle, you are much less efficient, and are likely stressing your joints more that you should.

2️⃣Speed: Slow way down and focus on the negative motion (ie. lowering the weight down). Most of us rush through the exercise and drop the weight quickly when you fatigue your muscles way more on the negative motion vs the positive (lifting the weight) motion. I usually do 4 seconds lowering, and 1 second raising the weight

3️⃣Full Range of Motion: Exercising through the full range which will not only challenge your flexibility, but will also strengthen the tendons which will aid in preventing injuries

4️⃣Amount of weight: While maintaining all of the above, pick a weight that adequately challenges your muscles so that you can do no more that 8 reps per set. For those that are trying to lift as heavy as possible, time to put your ego aside. If you do the above, you’d be lucky to do this with half of your maximum weight. For those that tend to lift too light, if you can physically do more than 8 reps then you aren’t adequately challenging your muscles

5️⃣Train to complete failure: For your last set, do a drop set (ie, when you can lift no more, go to a lighter weight to failure, then continue to lower weights until you completely fatigue). Most of your muscle gains will happen on these last drop sets. You must completely fatigue your muscles if you want true growth.

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Locked in my office for 14 hours a day for the next 4 days with over 12 thousand people virtually from all over the world at the @tonyrobbins unleash the power within event. #neverstopgrowing #unleashthepowerwithin ...

Fitness Pillar 1: Resistance training part 1. While all of the four pillars of fitness are important (see my last post for reference), the one that I want to emphasis the most especially as you age is resistance training. Many of us don’t like it, or tend to ignore it, however it is key for maintaining so many health benefits. The benefits are so numerous that I won’t list them here (feel free to google this and see what you find).

From an anti-aging perspective, I want to emphasize how crucial it is to maintain your lean muscle mass not only for overall strength, but also how much of an impact it has on maintaining your hormones especially testosterone which is key for longevity (I will discuss hormones in much more detail later on).

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 30 years, many as a personal trainer and I will say this straight up no matter how many of you this may upset: Most of us are not even close to training properly! It kills me to see someone who tells me that they have been training for 20 years, yet see no change in their body composition what so ever.

Most of us are not adequately isolating, or challenging our muscles properly, and on top of being inefficient, are also creating lots of injury and inflammation in our bodies. My strong advice for all of us, especially if you have never done this before, hire a great trainer! I emphasize great. Some are amazing, some are simply a waste of money. Who you hire matters. I am fortunate enough to be networked with many great trainers for those that need a referral.

I will give some quick tips on training in my next post which will hopefully help some of you out.

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Thanks so much @bec_n_call for paying me a visit and for leaving me an awesome review on my website! 🙏🙏🙏

“I have been seeing Dr. David Lee as often as I can, for close to 6 years now, and not only do I describe him as a life-saver to my friends and family, but I tell him straight to his face after each visit. He adjusts muscular imbalances that I didn't even know existed until I stand up and feel like a *much* better version of myself. Dr.David Lee is a bank of knowledge for everything that is good for you, such as: exercise, sleep, nutrition and meditation, never mind the knowledge he has on what he needs to do to make your body function at a higher capacity. I don't write reviews often, but I wish instead of a review, I could give him an award. PS. He also has a very relaxing and kind voice. Thank-you Dr. David Lee! You are the best.”

4 Pillars of fitness: How fit are you really? When I ask people this question I would typically get a response like I run, so therefore I’m fit. If all they do is run and nothing else, then they may have met some of their cardiovascular needs (or not, I’ll discuss more later), but they have not met all of the aspects required to be a fully rounded, fit individual.

The 4 aspects of fitness (and yes, I realize there are more things we could add to this list, but I keep it narrow for simplicity sake) are:

1️⃣Resistance training
2️⃣Cardiovascular training
3️⃣Core strengthening
4️⃣Flexibility training

So that runner who just runs I would say are a 1 out of 4 on my 4 pillars of fitness scale. Yes, they may have some of the other pillars involved with running, but not nearly enough to adequately challenge and build that pillar. In some cases, it may actually contribute to making the other pillars worse.

However the true test of fitness is if you can do a push up with a 3 year old on your back! 😜

I will be giving a more in-depth post on each of these pillars, and share with you my opinions on these pillars and how I address them. Stay tuned…

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Trampoline jumping (aka rebounding): Why do I jump on a trampoline? Well the obvious reasons, starting with it’s just so much fun! However, there are many other great benefits that this fairly inexpensive small piece of equipment can provide.

From the fitness standpoint it’s a great way to get your heartrate up without too much impact on your joints. You actually exert much more energy than you think as rebounding has been known to burn just as much energy as jogging although it doesn’t feel like it would.

From a skeletal standpoint the G force you place on your body can help strengthen joints, tendons, ligaments and improve bone density without the impact that other activities would create.

However, the main reason I do this is for the lymphatic drainage benefits. Your lymphatic system is the main way your body removes its toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Many of our lymphatic systems can be stagnant which can lead to an impaired immune system, increased toxicity, poor circulation, increased swelling, and many more negative health effects.

I typical jump on my trampoline 5-10 mins as a part of my morning routine, and especially as a warm up before I exercise.

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Morning view!🌤 ...

Belly Button Piercings: This is one of the more common pieces of jewelry for women these days. Although it may look beautiful, what if I told you that your piercing could be causing a lot of neurological dysfunction in your body?

I recently had a young female patient in my office complaining of pain in her achilles tendon. After testing many of her muscles we noticed that all of her major core muscles including her glutes were completely inhibited. I had her put her hand on her belly button piercing and all of her muscles fired back up again. She removed her piercing while I worked on the scar that resulted from it. After treating the scar all of her core muscle and glutes turned back on and stayed on.

Since her glute muscles were inhibited, her calves had to work so much harder to compensate, resulting in an overuse injury to her achilles tendon.

Scars (of any kind) are one of the main reasons why your core may be inhibited and working out “harder” will not only be ineffective but will likely create more compensation patterns elsewhere. As long as the belly button ring stays in, it will further create a problem as it will continue to create neurological disruption. For all of my patients that are willing to give up their piercings, I suggest permanently taking them out, and getting the scar treated to ensure that all of your muscles function as they should.

I know a lot of women who love their piercings are hesitant to remove them, however if it creates a neurological issue you may want to reconsider it. Feel free to DM me if you have any further questions on this.

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Infrared Sauna: Get your sweat on! Yes this is my personal infrared sauna which I’ve put in my basement. Why do I sauna? Several benefits including:

🔹Detox of Chemicals and Heavy Metals (I will discuss this much more in depth later)
🔹Athletic Recovery
🔹Muscle gain and fat loss (encouraging muscle growth and reducing insulin resistance)
🔹Immune System Boost
🔹Skin Rejuvenation
🔹Better sleep and relaxation
🔹Improved Cardio performance (by increasing oxygen consumption and red blood cell production)
🔹And much more...

This is another optimization technique that has been studied extensively with many positive results.

The sauna I have is from @saunarayinc. It’s hand crafted locally using all natural materials, toxin free. This one is a 2 seater sauna. You can also get a smaller one that can even fits in a condo. These saunas are not cheap, but if you can afford it, well worth the investment. Mention my name and they should be able to give you a bit of a discount.

My sauna can go up to 55 degrees Celsius. I have been using my sauna for almost a year now and do it about 2-3 times per week. I usually spend about 30 mins each session. You get a crazy deep sweat going with these saunas, way more that a conventional wet sauna. If you are unable to get your own, try to find a spa or clinic close by that may have one. You can also get some of these benefits by simply sweating as much as you can. Much harder with us approaching winter I know, but whenever you can, get your sweat on!

To get the best benefits and for the ultimate rejuvenation I do a cold shower right after (see my June 23rd post for more on this)

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Dr. David Lee

Masters ART, FDM, NKT,SFMA Provider

Unlike many other Chiropractors that largely just manipulate the spine, I believe that adjustments do not hold well if there are muscular imbalances and neurological deficits in the body. My philosophy has been to determine the underlying muscular or neurological dysfunctions, rather than limiting my treatment only to the area of pain. Otherwise, the pain is managed temporarily but you’ll have to come back to my office if the underlying root cause was never resolved.

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