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Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Super excited to be reunited with Regan “magic hands” Walker! I started working with Regan 16 years ago, and so thrilled to have this powerhouse back on my team. Regan is an Osteopath and Registered Massage therapist and can fix anything! She is now booking for Saturdays for those that want to come outside of the work week. ...

Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Thrilled to introduce you to another old colleague of mine @adrianarentonrkin 💪

Registered kinesiologist, personal trainer, and fascial stretch therapist. If you have never tried fascial stretch therapy (FST), you must. You’ll feel 10 feet tall after.

Adriana has literally trained my whole family as I’m very picky on who I let train them. She is simply the best!

Now offering virtual training and FST to come shortly.

Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic New sign is finally up! 🤗🤗 ...

I haven’t shown many people this pic on the left (as I was self-conscious of it), but will do so now to illustrate my point. On the left is a pic of me doing my first (and only) body building competition about 20 years ago. I had to torture myself in order to look like this. Trained 4 hours a day, ate God awful food, and had to plan and prepare my diet non-stop in order to achieve this look. I also had to dehydrate 24 hours before the competition, and become a different race! It was a crazy amount of work (more than a full-time job) for several months in order to look like this for 1 day.

Within 1 month after the competition, I gained 30 lbs of fat as I mentally broke with the extreme training and diet, and binged not only back, but more than my average weight. I vowed to never do this again as it was simply ridiculous. I accepted the fact that being this lean would only happen on this 1 day of my life.

The pic on the right is me today. I have lost more than 25 lbs of fat this last year (yes during covid, and without access to a gym) and am as lean as I was that day 20 years ago. What’s different this time? I did it easily, without crazy training and diet, which is not only sustainable, but enjoyable. I actually never sought out to get this lean, I sought out to be the healthiest version of myself possible, and getting this lean was simply a side effect.

I have been obsessed with studying the latest in health optimization, and what I have discovered is that what was thought to be true in a lot of the health and fitness industry in the past few decades is simply false today. I have learned and tried much of what is out there, and I not only look better, but feel better than I have in 20 years.

In order to help others do the same I have teamed up with @drmoirakwoknd and @adrianarentonrkin and created a 3 month virtual weight loss program to teach you all that we know and ensure that you get the same results. No chance you will not succeed on our watch!

For more info DM me or click on our link minthealthclinic.ca/virtual-weight-loss.

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Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Functional training room slowly coming together! 💪 ...

Fitness Pillar 4: Flexibility training. I will admit, that this is the weakest of my 4 pillars, and if you’re a middle aged male like myself, I’m going to guess this is one of your weakest as well. Guys, we MUST keep our flexibility! It is so important for many reasons including:

🔹Injury prevention
🔹Improving posture and range of motion
🔹Increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage
🔹Increasing strength (yes that’s right! A tight muscle is a weak muscle)
🔹And much more…

I do a daily stretching routine, and yoga class at least once or twice a week. When the world was normal, I would attend yoga classes mainly surrounded by women who would just kick my ass in the class! I would eat my humble pie, realize that it’s not a competition, and focus on relaxing and improving each week. If you’re not regularly incorporating flexibility into your routine, you will start to go down a slippery slope which will be that much more challenging to get out of as you get older.

The best yoga instructor that I have been using and recommend to many of my patients is @practicewithkim who now does online virtual classes and private sessions. This girl wears her leg like a scarf. Insane!!!

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Posted @withregram • @minthealthclinic Another reunion with Jumy Kim! Jumy is a third generation Tradition Chinese medical practitioner / acupuncturist and a natural born healer! If you haven’t seen her before, you must. Not only for your body, but your soul! Online booking with Jumy now available. ...

Another reunion with @foucher_physio @minthealthclinic a rock star physio with magic hands and a heart of gold. So happy to have her join our team! ...

Reunited with @drmoirakwoknd @minthealthclinic So happy to be working with this amazing person again!!! She is simply he best naturopath and person you will ever meet! ...

First look @minthealthclinic Still lots of work to do, but ready for business. Online booking now available for Chiropractic, Coaching, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, and Acupuncture/TCM. ...

Fitness Pillar 3: Core Strengthening. We all know that a strong core is essential, yet most of us don’t have it. First of all, I want to define what your core is. Most assume it’s just your abs. However, your core is all of the muscles surrounding your spine and your pelvis, so it’s much more then just your abs.

There are many great exercises you can do to strengthen your core including crunches, planks, bear crawls, dead bugs, etc.. However, the main thing I want to discuss is a bigger issue that most are unaware of, and that’s an inhibited core.

Many are told their core is weak, and to keep trying harder, however if your core is inhibited, you will unfortunately get nowhere. There are a few what we call “Chief Compensators” in your body, that can neurologically shut off your core. If this occurs, it’s like telling you to crank up the fan in your fridge, yet it’s not even plugged into the wall. This is what can occur with an inhibited core.

The top “Chief Compensators” in order are:

🔹Scars (of any kind)
🔹Diaphragm and breathing dysfunctions (which about 90-95% of us don’t do properly)
🔹Jaw (dysfunctions in your TMJ)
🔹Pelvic floor (especially women who have given birth)

If one of these compensators are occurring in you, then you are like a house with an unstable foundation.

If you have questions about any of these, or want me to test you and see if any may be occurring with you, feel free to DM me.

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Thanks so much @swe3tlew for this amazing post! Really made my day. So thrilled that I could help. Much appreciated 🙏 ...

I’m super excited to announce that after 2 years of leaving my previous clinic and being on my own as a sole practitioner, I’m finally starting a new clinic again. Let me introduce you to @minthealthclinic . Located at 330 Bay Street (northwest corner of Bay and Adelaide) just half a block away from my current location.

Two simple goals: End all human suffering, and turn everyone into a super human! I will slowly introduce you to our all star team including but not limited to Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Coaching, Vitamin IV therapy, Metal Detox, and much, more to come.

Now hiring various health and mental health professionals, preferably experienced and established practitioners. If you or anyone you know is interested DM me.

We will be opening very shortly in the new year on January 4th. More details to come. In the meantime please follow us @minthealthclinic

I’m very excited to announce that I am officially adding coaching to my practice as of today. I am offering coaching for all aspects of life including health, performance, stress, relationships, leadership, inner healing and much more. Why am I doing this? In my quest to end all human suffering and turn everyone into a super human, I realize how much more it takes to get people to their optimal life and my limitations of helping people get there in my chiropractic scope. Therefore I have decided to branch off to widen my scope in what I am able to do.

I have made it my mission in life to be the best version of myself possible in all aspects of my life including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. While I am no where close to fully achieving this, I am continually pushing myself and relentless in continual improvement. Along the way I have discovered so many things about myself and about human behavior in general.

With my over 30 years in the health and fitness industry, working individually with thousands of people in all walks of life, there are clear patterns of those who suffer, and those who thrive. My goal is guide people from one end of this spectrum to the other and get everyone living their best possible life, and do it quickly! No messing around in my office! Massive action required from both of us.

For more information, visit the Coaching tab on my website.

If you or anyone else you know are interested in coaching with me, I am currently taking on a few clients so feel free to DM me or booking is also available on my website. Virtual appointments for coaching are also available for those of you that are not able to see me downtown.

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Fitness Pillar 2: Cardiovascular training. Unlike resistance training which I do slowly, I do my cardio quickly. I will do wind sprints, or HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training) vs for eg. a long jog.

I’m going to make a statement that will upset many of you endurance athletes. While I respect what you can physically do with endurance, constantly engaging in long distance training can actually do much more harm than good. As we do more research in health and longevity, the science is pointing more and more to the harmful effects of long distance endurance training, especially at the elite levels. Some of the negative effects can include:

🔹Increase in Inflammation and oxidative stress
🔹Increase in fat storage and decrease in muscle mass
🔹Acceleration of the aging process
🔹Negative effect on your hormone levels
🔹Build up of scarring on your heart tissue

If you do a HIIT cardio session, you can still adequately challenge your cardiovascular system without most of the negative side effects above.

It won’t kill you to do the odd marathon here and there, however if the bulk of your activity are these chronic endurance sports, you may be doing more harm than good. Get your HIIT going. Not only can it be more fun and challenging, but also takes way less time!

#healthoptimization #biohacking #cardiotraining

Fitness Pillar 1: Resistance training part 2. A few tips on what I do when I train:

1️⃣Proper muscle engagement: If you are, for example doing a chest press, the muscle you should be focusing on and engaging the most is your chest right? You’d be surprised how few people actually do this. By not properly engaging your targeted muscle, you are much less efficient, and are likely stressing your joints more that you should.

2️⃣Speed: Slow way down and focus on the negative motion (ie. lowering the weight down). Most of us rush through the exercise and drop the weight quickly when you fatigue your muscles way more on the negative motion vs the positive (lifting the weight) motion. I usually do 4 seconds lowering, and 1 second raising the weight

3️⃣Full Range of Motion: Exercising through the full range which will not only challenge your flexibility, but will also strengthen the tendons which will aid in preventing injuries

4️⃣Amount of weight: While maintaining all of the above, pick a weight that adequately challenges your muscles so that you can do no more that 8 reps per set. For those that are trying to lift as heavy as possible, time to put your ego aside. If you do the above, you’d be lucky to do this with half of your maximum weight. For those that tend to lift too light, if you can physically do more than 8 reps then you aren’t adequately challenging your muscles

5️⃣Train to complete failure: For your last set, do a drop set (ie, when you can lift no more, go to a lighter weight to failure, then continue to lower weights until you completely fatigue). Most of your muscle gains will happen on these last drop sets. You must completely fatigue your muscles if you want true growth.

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Locked in my office for 14 hours a day for the next 4 days with over 12 thousand people virtually from all over the world at the @tonyrobbins unleash the power within event. #neverstopgrowing #unleashthepowerwithin ...

Fitness Pillar 1: Resistance training part 1. While all of the four pillars of fitness are important (see my last post for reference), the one that I want to emphasis the most especially as you age is resistance training. Many of us don’t like it, or tend to ignore it, however it is key for maintaining so many health benefits. The benefits are so numerous that I won’t list them here (feel free to google this and see what you find).

From an anti-aging perspective, I want to emphasize how crucial it is to maintain your lean muscle mass not only for overall strength, but also how much of an impact it has on maintaining your hormones especially testosterone which is key for longevity (I will discuss hormones in much more detail later on).

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 30 years, many as a personal trainer and I will say this straight up no matter how many of you this may upset: Most of us are not even close to training properly! It kills me to see someone who tells me that they have been training for 20 years, yet see no change in their body composition what so ever.

Most of us are not adequately isolating, or challenging our muscles properly, and on top of being inefficient, are also creating lots of injury and inflammation in our bodies. My strong advice for all of us, especially if you have never done this before, hire a great trainer! I emphasize great. Some are amazing, some are simply a waste of money. Who you hire matters. I am fortunate enough to be networked with many great trainers for those that need a referral.

I will give some quick tips on training in my next post which will hopefully help some of you out.

#healthoptimization #biohacking #resistancetraining

Dr. David Lee

Masters ART, FDM, NKT,SFMA Provider

Unlike many other Chiropractors that largely just manipulate the spine, I believe that adjustments do not hold well if there are muscular imbalances and neurological deficits in the body. My philosophy has been to determine the underlying muscular or neurological dysfunctions, rather than limiting my treatment only to the area of pain. Otherwise, the pain is managed temporarily but you’ll have to come back to my office if the underlying root cause was never resolved.

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