The biggest challenge I have found is not only finding a sandal that is actually fully custom made, but one that is also fashionable.  Working with Orthogenic Laboratories over the last few years we have finally solved this problem.


European designs manufactured in Portugal with dozens of options to choose from for both men and women.  Fully built from scratch without any prefabricated shells, with many customizable options with colors and materials.


Using the same German Engineering, 3D technology, and EVA foam used to make our orthotics, now finally a great option for you to fully support your feet in warmer climates.

Sandals Catalog

Insurance Coverage

Most extended Health Care Benefit plans cover all or part of your Custom Foot Orthotics.

Due to the amount of time required to not only build your custom sandal, but also to manufacture and ship back and forth from Europe, please allow 2-3 month’s time for your order.

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