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Lunch and Learn Seminars

Are you looking to host a lunch and learn seminar in your workplace?

More and more companies are looking for ways to build team morale, improve employee satisfaction, and improve the overall health of their staff.  For over a decade I have given dozens and dozens of seminars to many of the top law firms, financial and tech institutions in the city.  All of my seminars have averaged 4.5 – 5.0 out of 5.0 in all of my feedback surveys, and I have been asked to repeatedly come back to educate and engage with their teams time and time again.

All of my seminars are highly engaging, entertaining, informative, and (hopefully) inspiring.

Inspire Me!  How to keep going when the going gets tough

We all know that staying physically fit should be a top priority in our lives, yet very few of us are actually able to do it. Why does it come so easily to some, yet it’s so difficult for others?

In this seminar I will break down all of the reasons why unfit people are unable to stay fit, expose the lies behind the excuses people give, and completely change your perspective to ensure that you never fall off of the wagon again.

My most popular and requested seminar. Allow me to help your team get on the easy path to a healthy new you.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Your ergonomics checklist!

Is sitting really the new smoking?

With technology on the rise, we are now stagnant at our computers more than ever before.  Statistics show that 80% of us will have a significant debilitating injury at least once in our lives simply by sitting at our desks.  Ergonomic injuries have now become the second leading cause of work absence next to the common cold.  So much so, that it has alarmed many companies due to the loss of productivity, and cost of these injuries.

Learn how you and your group can drastically reduce this fully preventable statistic in this fun and interactive seminar (yes, we can actually have fun with a topic as boring as ergonomics!).

Fitness Fact or Fiction

All of us are bombarded by hundreds of fitness statements and gadgets on a daily basis.  With fitness fads coming and going, and philosophies and trends changing all of the time, it’s hard to decipher what’s actually true or false.

  • Does resistance training burn fat better then cardio training?
  • Are you able to spot reduce with fat?
  • Can stretching make you stronger?
  • Can you burn fat better at a higher or lower heart rate?
  • Is it better to work out in the morning?

Learn the truth and get a full grasp behind these statements and many more.

Test your fitness knowledge and get your facts straight with this fully interactive seminar by certified Toronto life coach.