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John Donkor is an experienced employment, labour and human rights lawyer located in downtown Toronto. After having previously practiced at various law firms, and as in-house counsel, John has been practicing through his own law firm, Donkor Labour & Employment Law since 2015. His practice includes representing senior to executive-level employees, as well as employers of various sizes.


I first met Dr. Lee in the fall of 2010 following an injury that I sustained playing touch football in the local “lawyers league” here in Toronto. I recall limping into his former clinic, albeit writhing in pain. Dr. Lee was able to put me at ease, and right from the outset, we hit it off. Dr. Lee and I are both former varsity football players and motorcycle enthusiasts, so he was immediately able to empathize with my circumstances, specifically my need to get “fixed” and back to normal.

Having incurred a number of soft tissue injuries, meniscal tears, and multiple back issues over the years, Dr. Lee was able to provide me with a treatment regimen that allowed me to get back to my regular life as an employment lawyer. In particular, Dr. Lee’s knowledge of Active Release Therapy and practical advice helped me tremendously at times, and has often resulted in a speedier than expected recovery. I make it a point to see Dr. Lee periodically, not just to deal with any pressing injuries, but also in a preventative capacity. Put simply, Dr. Lee is my go-to practitioner for any musculoskeletal issues, sports related or otherwise.