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Spent 10 years researching success. Wrote a bestseller, and his “8 Secrets of Success” is one of the Most-Popular TED Talks (more than 10-million views) and Most-Translated (66 languages).


I love to run, so have done 83 Marathons on all Seven Continents, with a fastest time of 2 hours 43 minutes. And now at age 70 my total mileage adds up to 137,000+ kilometers (equivalent of 3.5 times around the world). But I’ve also experienced many painful injuries that stopped me from running. So now when it happens, the first thing I do is go see David Lee.

For over a decade David has been helping me recover faster from calf pulls, plantar fasciitis, hamstring, piriformis, adductor and other painful injuries, as well as non-running issues like neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. He is a true professional who loves what he does and does it well. Are his treatments painful? Well, I always think a little pain for a few minutes sure beats constant pain for weeks or months. He also gives me proper exercises to do on my own, so I can stop seeing him and start running again as soon as possible, and to top it off he’s a nice guy! So I highly recommend David Lee.